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VSAT Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Companies wishing to expand their branch operations can do so quickly anywhere within the MEASAT-1 or MEASAT-2 satellites’ coverage areas or footprints. VSATs can be rapidly deployed to geographically dispersed sites within weeks compared to months or years with traditional communication infrastructure.

VSAT enables you to:

  • Serve your customers in markets you are unable to traditionally serve, such as areas lacking in terrestrial communications infrastructure, which can be sub-urban or rural.
  • Operate branches nationally or in other countries without being concerned with the number of telecommunications providers you are dealing with.

Competitive Costs Unlike traditional terrestrial services, the monthly charge for VSAT services are distance independent. Whether sites are 50km or 1,000km away, you pay the same for VSAT services. The fixed and competitive pricing ensures that there is no annual budget overruns. Flexible Network Expansion and Configuration The size of VSAT networks can be readily expanded or reduced depending on business operation needs, with an end-to-end control.

High Reliability & Availability

VSAT networks offer high reliability since the points of failure is limited to just two points, i.e. any two locations in a communication link. Least points of failure ensure minimal downtime and the service availability for VSAT networks averages at 99.85%.

Centralized Network Management

Overall network management at the central hub keeps track of the status of all network elements, with single point of contact for all network issues. Hence, any outages can be detected early and faults proactively and promptly rectified.